EnGarde! Death with Honour is a Play by Email game based on the fourth edition En Garde! rules published by Paul Evans in 2005, but new rules have been added to improve game play. The official EnGarde! rulebook can be ordered from for £10, however, the rules at contains enough information for you to play the game.

The first two runs of Death with Honour used a considerbly conventional style of running the game. We used a mailing list to communicate to everyone in the game and we used a web page to give the large amount of information about the game to the players. We still use the same email mailing list as the main means of communication in the game, but now most of the game adjudication is done through the computer. The web page will also have a lot more on it than the older web page.

At the time of this writing (March 21, 2008) the game was still in development. Check out the game at to see the status of the game.