The following is a list of PBM or PBEM En-Garde! games. This list is somewhat old, and may be out of date. Please update the status of any of the below games:

Active GamesEdit

  • The Paris Tribune En-Garde - PB(E)M game (~40 players). Space for new players. Generally one turn a month (but at least 10 a year). Character returns by email and monthly report posted to website CGN (20:03, 14 June 2007 (UTC))
  • Preux et audacieux - Spanish En-Garde game. Open and Active. On-line enrolling. One turn a month.
    • Juego español del En Garde. Abierto y activo. Inscripción on-line.
    • GM Tirs Abril
  • Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses - PBM/PBeM game running since 1986 with 50+ players. Sticks fairly closely to the published rules. Available electronically or on paper for a small fee.
    • GM - Paul Evans, UK. (20:08, 14 June 2007 (UTC))
  • Elan Engarde (previously Delon and LaPorte) - Active and recruiting new players. A bit slow; the game is hand processed. (12:56, 18 June 2007 (UTC))
  • Death with Honour - PBEM game that uses the 4th edition rules with some house rules and changes.

Active? GamesEdit

Inactive gamesEdit

Games in development or of unknown statusEdit

  • Fronde - In development. A nearly complete re-working of the En-Garde! rules.
  • A yet to be named game is in development.
  • All for One - Short run game that seems to be inactive as of May. Bill plans to start an east-india variant next year.

Variant versions of EngardeEdit

  • En Maguarde! - Active, PBEM, Open. Fantasy variant featuring Wizards and their grunts
  • Agent Pumpkin's Unquiet Slumbers - Active. Lovecraftian En Garde
  • Unquiet Slumbers - Postal/PBEM set in 1920s Arkham of H. P. Lovecraft. Characters attempt to gain status at the Miskatonic University whilst trying to battle eldritch horrors. Defunct?
  • Tecky - Post holocaust En-Garde with two types of status points.
  • Sabres and Southern Belles - EnGarde variant for American Civil War period
    • Contact GM
  • Master of the Conclave - sorcerous En Garde! variant where characters are initiated into the dark secrets of the mystical brotherhood of sorcerers known as the Iesiengard.
    • GM, Gareth Williams at Room 01, Flat A, Crooksmoor House, 483 Crookesmoor Road, Sheffield S10 1BG