Housing is important beyond just a place to live. It is a measure of your perceived social station and your perceived wealth. This is also place to entertain. Characters may also have land and houses outside of Paris. Houses can be rented or owned. It is suggested that moving have a cost and take an action unless one lives in the most basic of accommodations. SP penalties can be applied for living far below their SL would otherwise entail. Limits on the number of the larger housing types that are available can be imposed. Most house rules peg the cost of a house at 20-25 times the monthly rental, modern values for this figure are closer to 150-200 times.

Basic En-Garde!Edit

The basic rules do not mention housing, and may be considered to be part of the normal support costs of a character.

Reasons to ImplementEdit

Removed money from the wealthier characters. Note that the Cost of SP should be considered.

Version 1: Area and TypeEdit

In this version the housing type is considered separately from the region of the city. Each area would have a SL requirement, a range of housing available and a SP gain and possibly a cost factor for rent/cost. Each housing type (from Garret to Palace) would have a monthly upkeep, rental and/or purchase cost, a SP gain, and possibly values for size of party that can be held.

Version 2: TypeEdit

The characters are presumed to be living in an area appropriate for themselves, but their choice of quarters has an effect on the SL. "Taken Rooms" is the default and incurs no penalty regardless of SL. A level below this for impoverished characters "Loft" can reduce support by 1, and higher levels (House, Mansion) increase support multipliers (or just have a flat cost).

Version 3: Combined with CoachesEdit

The housing can be combined with coach rules (it doesn't make sense for a person living in an apartment to have a coach, coachmen and 4 horses to store someplace). In this version Houses can have stables and/or coaches attached as different levels.