17th Century France
The setting of the published game. This is the time of Louis XIII, Louis XIV "The Sun King" , The Three Musketeers and the Cardinal's Guard, Cardinal Richelieu, Cyrano de Bergiac (Roxanne).

17th Century England
This makes another interesting Setting, and perhaps is more familiar to the average En-Garde! player.

Naval En-Garde!
A Naval setting with ships instead of regiments.

Fantasy En-Garde!
Setting about Wizards and those who work for them

Horror En-Garde!
Unquiet Slumbers - A setting that borrows heavily from Lovecraftian Mythos

Post-Holocaust En-Garde!
Post-Nuclear war survivor version of En-Garde! Campaigns involve leaving the shelter to find usable goods.

American Civil War
Sabres and Southern Belles - a culture somewhat reminiscent of 17th century France.

18th Century France
Louis XV and XVI were not as strong a King, but the period is similar to 17th Century.

16th Century France
Marked by the Religious Wars. The Various Henry's were not as powerful as later kings.