Theatric presentations have been popular though most parts of history (see History of Art for Theater during game period. Patronidge of writers and/or actors, as well as painters or other artizans can demonstrate one as cultured, and hence increase one's social standing.

Basic En-Garde!Edit

The basic game makes no reference for any of the Arts.

Reasons to ImplementEdit

This is a way for the Higher SL players to interact with the lower SL who can represent the artists of the period.

Version 1: AttendanceEdit

Each month a new play is presented. The opening night costs twice the rest of the month, and the SP benefit depends on the success (flops may not operate the rest of the month). Opening night gives 1-4 SP (negative 2-3 if a flop), and the other nights 1 SP only. Royal family attendance (Influencable) will increase the results by one level. Some successful plays could continue on to the next month.

Version 2: Play ProductionEdit

Production of a play requires several hundred crowns (500). An appointment can be set up (Director of the Royal Theatre) to choose plays, and/or plays can be put on in several venues, with the Royal theatre more prestigious. The producer may hire a professional director. There is expected to be an opening night party for those in attendance. Several costs could be leveraged to help the plays success: Playwright, props or costumes, beautiful actress, royal attendance, etc. Other factors could detract from the success: Hired hecklers, Clergy opposition, actress with no talent, etc. Revenue would depend on success, with possible cuts for director and/or playwright. SP would be awarded based on the attendance rules, but the Producer/Director/Playwright receiving double.

Version 2a: MistressesEdit

Mistresses or potential mistresses could be placed in the starring role, with a new hidden attribute of performer. Those mistresses that have this attribute (after having performed) might require their lovers to put on a play periodically. Also the director may be able to make a mistress courting role for free or reduced amount.

Version 2b: Writing/DirectingEdit

If Talents or Skills are in use then characters with a producing or writing talent/skill could try to write scripts to be purchased, hired directly for a producer, or supported by a patron. Acting talent/skill could also be used for appearance in a play. Acting would not be allowed for a Noble character, but perhaps writing would be.